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Checky-Watch!! – Providing entertainment if nothing else!!

September 30, 2012

Sick of X-Factor?

Looking for a new source of entertainment?

Then check out ‘Checky-Watch‘ on Facebook!! – A page dedicated to assisting those who want to avoid paying fares on the Nexus-owned Tyne and Wear Metro by informing readers and followers where the ticket inspectors (colloquially known as ‘Checkies’, ‘Speccies’ or more crudely acknowledged as ‘Those Orange Coated Bastards’) are located throughout the light-rail network. Subscribers provide real-time updates with comedic musings on how to avoid being detected.

Sure, the page will eventually be closed down (the police are apparently already monitoring comments) due to the activities of some mentally-challenged idiots making racist and homophobic comments as well as others wishing violence on the ‘checkies’ themselves (you may not like them, but they have a job to do!!), but if want to see some genuine Geordie humour, then this is the place to peruse the best (or worst) of it.

Why watch Geordie Shore when you can watch Checky-Watch to get an idea of true Geordie humour!!

But catch it while you can before it goes away forever!!