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…and now for someting completely different. An ode to Checky-Watch: Makina Style!!

October 2, 2012

Believe it not, the uniquely Gerodie pheonomeon that is ‘Checky-Watch’, has now got a ‘Makina-style’ happy-hardcore rave tune dedicated to it.

At 2:20 long, I suspect that it’s not the finished article. But it’s a start, and, if you like that kind of music, it seems to have gone down well with the page inhabitants with the exception of one critic who has since been kicked from the page; apparently to the delight of many.

In other news, the much ballyhooed ‘Checky-Watch’ app is apparently in its final stages of development and should be out on ‘all phones’ soon. An app that encourages civil disobediance: now that should be fun!!


And here’s the full version: