Stop criminalising drug users, says UN / World / Home – Morning Star

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Stop criminalising drug users, says UN / World / Home – Morning Star.



The Barrowclough Effect.

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On the this weeks edition of the Newsquiz (originally broadcast, Radio 4 22/10/10), Rory Bremner compared the business secretary, Vince Cable, to the the mild-mannered, subdued, prison guard, Mr Barrowclough, from the hit BBC sitcom, Porridge.

Is this what Vince Cable has become? – The voice of an ‘honest politican’ being muted and censored in order to become the unconvincing apologist of the coalition’s draconian coast-cutting measures. Where has the man who spoke of progressive taxes in order to create a fairer society gone?

I doubt Vince Cable is, or will be, the only Liberal Democrat to fall foul of ‘The Barrowclough Effect’. But I do doubt that the Liberal Democrats will stand up against these cuts. Although coalitions are a good idea, in theory. In praxis however, every scratches each other’s backs and no-one rocks the boat so everyone can stay in it together.

This is ‘The Barrowclough Effect’. The apologetic implentation of policy against the ideals of your party.


Brass Eye Becomes Real!

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Remember the controversial TV satire Brass Eye?

Yes, no? – Well, in 2001 they released a ‘paedophile special’ edition of the show depicting the state of hysteria that the media produces when the subject of paedophiles, and paedophilia, arises in the public eye. Here is a clip from the show but be warned; if you’re easily offended, then it’s not for you!

If you found that funny, and wish to watch the entire show, it can be found through this link: –

This is a satirical look on how the media (well, certain media outlets) creates fear, uncertainty, and a state of panic when reporting on these types of issues. Some of you might think that the media, in reality, is not that hysterical. Well, so did I, until I saw this report on a Fox News affiliate.

Now, I understand the importance of reporting this threat, if indeed true, but did they have to do it in such a ‘Brass Eye-esque’ way? – If I saw this on TV, I would presume it was a joke, would you? – Or is it scaremongering at it’s very worst? – Whichever way you look at it, it makes Brass Eye’s assessment of the media ‘spot-on’.

Astute Wikileaks?

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There’s much controversy surrounding the website WikiLeaks releasing confidential documents about various nefarious things that the American and British forces may, or may not have done in the Iraq War. Obviously, the military don’t want details of outsourcing contracts of tourture revealed to the general public, but the WikiLeaks website could prove vital to the British military in another way.

On Thursday (21st October 2010) a recently built submarine ran aground just of the coast of Isle of Skye causing much embarrassment to the Navy. This submarine was designed to carry nuclear weapons. The 22nd October broadcast of BBC’s ‘Any Questions’ provided an interesting insight by a member of the audience we’re stranded . The man took the view that he was in initally in favour of a nuclear deterrent but given the fact the Navy can’t seem to navigate around the country they’re ment to be protecting, then maybe we shouldn’t have nuclear weapons at all since they would be no use when we’re stranded on another shingle bank.

In this instance, wouldn’t a release of confidential files about the water surrounding the British Isles be adventageous to the British Navy? -This is a job for WikiLeaks. So, please WikiLeaks, in the style of Jimmy Saville, could you please fix it for the Royal Navy to competently sail round the coast of the British Isles without getting stuck….


The Great British Public.

Rooney over Cuts: A Clear Example of Agenda Setting in the Media.

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When popping in Tesco this morning to put the lottery on, my eye was caught by the front page of the Daily Mail. Right there in print was the headline “Victory for Greed: In the week when the nation is told money’s tighter than ever, shameless footballer Wayne Rooney lands 50m pay deal.” (Daily Mail, 23rd October 2010)

Wayne Rooney may well be a selfish, money grabbing whore of a footballer but that is to be expected as most footballers, as well as any other person put into his position, would do exactly the same thing. It comes as no surprise to any of us when a story like this breaks. We roll our eyes and move on.

So why is this news?

As the Daily Mail correctly points out, this week has been a newsworthy week as the Chancellor, George Osbourne, announced his ‘Comprehensive Spending Review’ revealing a number of spending cuts in areas such as welfare provision, the military, and other public services. This is a news story that we, the public, should be talking about as affects many aspects of our daily lives. From the benefits we’re entitled to, to the way that our country is policed and defended; the Comprehensive Spending Review is something that we should actually care about. Agree?

So why was the Wayne Rooney story given preference over this one in the tabloid and mainstream press?

A diversion to take our thoughts away from the real issue? – An issue that a lot of normal people may feel strongly about. In France, they take to the streets when people are not happy with their government. In Britain, we do the same but it is very rarely reported. The press don’t show protests unless they become violent. The images they show strike fear into our hearts and minds, as it’s only ever the looting and destruction that is reported upon. It is assumed that protesters are ‘yobs’, never showing the reasons why people protest in the first place. Just the inconveinance caused.

This is why Wayne Rooney is on the front page. A method of control, and a clear example of agenda-setting in the media.

The Robin Hood Tax! – The right thing to do!

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Their wealth is an accumilation OUR wealth.
The SHIT we produce for THEM is the SHIT we CONSUME.
When THEY hide money in off-shore accounts, it’s OUR money THEY’RE hiding.
Yet THEY make US pay for the mistakes THEY make.
Yet THEY make US pay for THEIR losses.
Tax evasion through creative accounting is the SAME as benefit fraud.
WE pay money into that system and it becomes stockpiled in THEIR bank accounts.
In just the same way WE pay OUR taxes into the treasury.
WE target the poor and those who need benefit by calling THEM fraudsters.
WE should be demanding higer taxes for big business, making sure that OUR wealth is re-distributed.

Always remember this! – It’s always US and THEM!!

The Robin Hood Tax is fair, perhaps too fair in my opinion!

A thought whilst watching Knight Rider

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If KITT is self-aware, then who fills the car with petrol? (That’s assuming that KITT runs on petrol. In the episode I watched yesterday KITT stated that he doesn’t have sparkplugs, which begs the question ‘What type of fuel does KITT run on?’) Just imagine the arguments that must go on between car and driver?

¬†‘Please Michael, can you fill me up?’ KITT may ask, to which Michael replies ‘Sorry KITT, I have no cash’. What would happen then? Would KITT just stop¬† t the nearest/next petrol station and refuse to move until he is pacified? Would Michael Knight be able to put KITT on ‘manual’ in order to move him? Who has authority over the situation, Micheal Knight, or the Knight Industries Two/Three Thousand? An intresting, but irrelievant thought to say the least.