…and now for someting completely different. An ode to Checky-Watch: Makina Style!!

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Believe it not, the uniquely Gerodie pheonomeon that is ‘Checky-Watch’, has now got a ‘Makina-style’ happy-hardcore rave tune dedicated to it.

At 2:20 long, I suspect that it’s not the finished article. But it’s a start, and, if you like that kind of music, it seems to have gone down well with the page inhabitants with the exception of one critic who has since been kicked from the page; apparently to the delight of many.

In other news, the much ballyhooed ‘Checky-Watch’ app is apparently in its final stages of development and should be out on ‘all phones’ soon. An app that encourages civil disobediance: now that should be fun!!


And here’s the full version:



R.I.P. J.J.B.

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JJB Sports is finally dead. It’s not surprising as their stores always seemed far too large for the limited amount of mediocre stock they elected to sell. Nevertheless, I am saddened by its demise. Why you may ask? Well, there goes another store where I can’t spend those pesky ‘love2shop’ vouchers I have in my wallet. I wish Scruff…whoops…I mean SportsSoccer would take them now that they’re planning to occupy a number of former JJB stores!

Checky-Watch!! – Providing entertainment if nothing else!!

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Sick of X-Factor?

Looking for a new source of entertainment?

Then check out ‘Checky-Watch‘ on Facebook!! – A page dedicated to assisting those who want to avoid paying fares on the Nexus-owned Tyne and Wear Metro by informing readers and followers where the ticket inspectors (colloquially known as ‘Checkies’, ‘Speccies’ or more crudely acknowledged as ‘Those Orange Coated Bastards’) are located throughout the light-rail network. Subscribers provide real-time updates with comedic musings on how to avoid being detected.

Sure, the page will eventually be closed down (the police are apparently already monitoring comments) due to the activities of some mentally-challenged idiots making racist and homophobic comments as well as others wishing violence on the ‘checkies’ themselves (you may not like them, but they have a job to do!!), but if want to see some genuine Geordie humour, then this is the place to peruse the best (or worst) of it.

Why watch Geordie Shore when you can watch Checky-Watch to get an idea of true Geordie humour!!

But catch it while you can before it goes away forever!!





My Totally Honest (and simple) Kobo Touch Review

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Don’t buy one if your intention is to read PDF files.

II bought one for that very reason!

A 6″ screen is too small for this function and converting the PDF to the EPUB format (using Calibre – apparently the best programme to use for this task) produces unsatisfying results if you’re overly pedantic or really bothered about formating errors.

Buy a 10″ e-reader instead.

The Kindle DX has a 9.7″ screen. It also allows you to take notes, listen to music and has the text to speech function for those whose eyes wander from the page. The Kobo does not have these features and is rather basic in comparison. However, the Kobo does allow you to expand its memory which is something that Amazon does not let you do with the Kindle. The basic on-board memory for the Kobo Touch is 1.33 GB, but the SD card slot allows you add up to another 32GB if you so wish. When you consider that Amazon allows you to store mp3’s and audiobooks on the Kindle, the non-expandable 2 or 4 GB’s makes me worry about the lack of space it  really has! – This was the primary reason why I decided against buying the Kindle.

The Kindle comes with a real keyboard. Yes, I know, touchscreens are the way of the future and I’m not denying that the Kobo’s touchscreen is very good and responsive and all that, but, I’m an old-school dinosaur who likes a keyboard and buttons to press.

The Price of my Kobo  Touch was £97 from ASDA. There’s a cheaper Kobo model available at £67  (which supports less file-formats, has less battery life and does not have a touchscreen!) which, in all honesty, I would have prefered to buy. The only reason I bought the Touch over the cheaper model was that the other one was sold out. The Kindle in comparison costs £89 for the basic non-keyboard model and £111 (non 3G) or £149 (3G) for the keyboard models.

Anyone want to trade? (lol)

Laughing at the clip of people on Jeremy Kyle!

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First of all, let me state this. I have no sympathy for those who appear on Jeremy Kyle. If your life is that fucked up that you think that going on national television to air your dirty laudry is going to solve your problem then you’re wrong. It makes you look like a TWAT! – I’m not saying that therapy is not effective. It can be. But keep it to yourself, ok, and think do I really need an audience full of hypocritical idiots judging me when they’ve got comparable issues themselves.

Secondly, Jeremy Kyle does not want to help you. All he cares about is ratings based upon sensationalism to line his, and ITV’s, pockets from the advertising revenue that his show brings. He is a twat too. That being said, it does make for amusing television.

I don’t apologise for ridiculing these people. The upcoming clip shows a women with flippers for arms, and two daughters that the words ‘stupid’ and ‘ugly’ are terms that are too positive to use to decribe this clip. This might sound harsh but I’m sure worse terms have been used to describe the behaviour of these people in living rooms throughout the country. Jeremy Kyle makes me angry so the vile I write is justified.

The title of the segment is “You’ve only got yourselves to blame for going into care”

Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy!!

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A friend of mine recently posted a Facebook status which read “Honesty is clearly not the best policy”. When I thought about it, this statement struck me as a bit odd. The context in which the word ‘honest’ is used is one where someone has a sudden realisation about the world around them. For whatever reason, if one decides, in this instance, that honesty is not the best policy; are they not being honest with themselves? – From this example, it is clear to me that honesty is ALWAYS the best policy, even when you yourself realise it is not.

Agree or Disagree?

What is Value?

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A typical dictionary definition of value relates to the ‘concept of worth’. But what is the worth of value? – Value is a broad concept that we willingly assign to anything we can get our hands on, but value is synthetic and varies from person to person so how could we possibly assign a universally defined notion of value to anything? – Does value really relate to the ‘concept of worth’, or is ‘value’ merely a worthless concept in itself?